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Notapor Macbreen el 17 Oct 2009, 05:12

Hi everybody,
My name is Martin and I am an Inglese climber who is planning on spending a few months in Chile from the late part of November until Feb / March time. I will be based in Los Andes / Rio Blanco (not far from ski resort of Portillo / close enough to Santiago if you dont know the area) and will be looking to meet up with people who are in the area of region V who are looking for people to trek / climb with. This is my third visit to this area so I have a pretty good idea of things to do and am Idealy looking for other people / groups to join and share my time with. I will also be planning on traveling further south down to Patagonia and places in between in fact I am very flexible with my plans as time is not so much of a problem for me on this trip.
I am also hoping to have the use of a 4x4 during my stay and certainly will have around where I am based so getting around will be made very simple.
  I have plenty of trekking / climbing experience having spent time climbing in the UK, Europe, Scandinavia, and South and North America over the past 10 years, and enjoy everything from sunny days on rock to freezing cold icefalls, hiking / camping in remote wild places, climbing on mountains large and small, infact just about anything to do with being outdoors and the beautifull places I get to visit!
So please contact me if you are planning a trip over in the next few months and you might be interested in meeting up with me.

Kind Regards Martin
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Re: Hello!

Notapor mann138 el 31 Oct 2009, 11:08

Hey! I'm not climbing nor trekking in those months (got university things to do -.- ) but I wanted to welcome you to Chile, for sure you are going to have a wonderful time over here...

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Re: Hello!

Notapor Invitado el 24 May 2011, 20:21

Hi...´re you doing?
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