Trouble when trying to sign up for Tricuspide

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Trouble when trying to sign up for Tricuspide

Notapor Pajarito el 23 Nov 2011, 17:17

I want to remind you that if you find any trouble when trying to sign up for the site, you can write to, and I will immediately take care of that (unless I am up there in the mountains, in which case the process could take a few extra days).

If your signing up request had been rejected more than once, this could be owed to the fact that your IP is not within the range that we consider as "safe" and/or because your username is similar to those used by spammers, but this can be solved by sending an email explaining the case to the email address published above.
You can write in any Western European language (but Dutch and Basque...sorry) (Cymraeg is OK)

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