good climbing near Santiago?

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Re:good climbing near Santiago?

Notapor vikingsur el 15 Abr 2008, 22:44

pirineos escribió:PIRINEOS THE COOL

U.I.A.G.M, I.V.B.V or I.F.M.G.A.

but UIAA????
shop kuntsmann.. lo mejor despues del cerro,, toro bayo bien helado...uyyyyy al seco
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Re: good climbing near Santiago?

Notapor ryanpseud0 el 23 Jul 2009, 00:38

Hi there;

Consider me the above mentioned ignorant person asking tour guides and taxi drivers, and i HAVEN'T climbed with anyone there. I'm looking to spend June or July of 2010 in and around Santiago rock climbing. Are the conditions the same now as they were before? have things improved? are there guide books? is there camping next the rock? i climb a strong 5.12 in the US system, and am just looking for cool weather and good rock [preferably not limestone]. any advice, suggestions, directions, or nudges to getting in, out, and climbing with minimal frustration or legal issue would be appreciated. if anyone is still reading this, please respond so i know the thread is not entirely dead.

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Re: good climbing near Santiago?

Notapor lanserx el 15 Ago 2009, 22:17

Hi all. I'll be in Santiago this coming week and am looking for a partner or a group to climb with. I'll be available to climb next weekend, aug 22nd and 23rd. I have draws but no rope, and am looking to climb sport in the 10/11 range. I'd also be down to do some bouldering. Shoot me an email at lasnerq @

mike !
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