climbing around santiago

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climbing around santiago

Notapor california climber el 08 Feb 2006, 23:00

hey, i am a US college student doing a study abroad program in santiago for a year. i am looking for people are interested in mountaineering, ice climbing, and rock climbing. I would love to see what is available in the area for clubs, groups, or people who are interested in going climbing with a foreigner.
let me know,
thanks, daniel
california climber
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Re:climbing around santiago

Notapor CB3UIU el 09 Feb 2006, 00:29

welcome Californian climber:
in this place you will find a lot of people that practices mountaineering, ice climbing, and rock climbing, i hope that you will can find and meet with somebody and you can carry out some amusing exit.

Re:climbing around santiago

Notapor manzanina2 el 17 Mar 2006, 21:51

hey California climber, do you speak any Spanish? cause it will be easier for you to make contact with people in the forum if you do.

If you do speak Spanish, I can put you in touch with a few friends around here (el Manzano) who climb during the week.

Send me an email-

we live right below some pretty good sport climbing walls, and are opening a hostel for climbers/trekkers in June.


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Re:climbing around santiago

Notapor kamakiriad281 el 12 Jun 2006, 18:28

Hello, If you want to climb hills near Santiago, we could form a group and go, concerning ice climbing and rock climbing, I'm afraid I haven't got enough equipment
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Re:climbing around santiago

Notapor Fernando el 13 Jun 2006, 10:29


Which University are you coming to do your "study abroad program"? I'm a college student also and I'm a member of our university mountaineering club. When you arrive contact me (I'm guessing you're already here), we could go out together and I can contact you with our club if you're interested.

My e-mail


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Notapor Corina el 04 Abr 2008, 18:17

Welcome to the forum California Climber. I hope you meet a lot of people and have fun in this forum
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